A Real Day Spa in Istanbul, Turkey
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    Call us:
    +90 (216) 411 12 63

    Bagdat Caddesi, 374/6
    Kadikoy Istanbul Turkey

  • Local Massages

    Head - neck, nape - shoulder - back, back - lower back, arm and legs

    30 minutes

    Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage

    For many people, the neck and shoulders are common areas of soreness and tension.Working at a desk or a computer all day helps to create such problems.To have this pain eased away can be a source of great pleasure. Aromatherapy combined with the Oriental practice of applied pressure massage to convey the healing, harmonising, & rejuvenating properties of plants into the body through rhythmic touch.

    Back Massage

    The benefits gained from Back massage include, relaxation, increased body awareness improved circulation, and lymphatic drainage for release of toxins.

    Foot & Leg Massage

    Pamper your feet in a soothing bath of essential oils, followed by a pressure point massage. This treatment uses traditional Thai reflex therapy to improve circulation & relieve tired, swollen legs & feet.

    A Real Day Spa in Istanbul, Turkey
    Bagdat Caddesi, 374/6 Suadiye, Kadikoy / Istanbul, Turkey
    Call Center: +90 (216) 411 12 63