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  • SPA Dictionary

    Ablution: washing of the body by hand, usually using a towel or mitt

    Affusion: pouring on of water.

    Algae Cataplasm: A special, lukewarm, marine algae body wrap is used to eliminate toxins, exfoliate dead skin, remove blemishes and improve circulation. Prevents the formation of stretch marks and cellulite.

    Algae Gel Massage: A relaxing massage performed with a freshly prepared, natural algae gel. Lubricates, exfoliates and softens the skin, adds vitamins and prevents the formation of stretch marks and cellulite.

    Algae Gel Thalaterm: A 40-minute treatment involving the application of algae gel and heat in a special capsule. Moisturises, nourishes and reconditions the skin and hair, eliminates toxins and adds vitamins. Prevents the formation of stretch marks and cellulite.

    Analgesic: Decreases pain

    Anesthetic: Reduces local pain, diminished or loss of sensation

    Anthotherapy: a therapeutic spa treatments categorized by the use of caves for therapeutic purpose.

    Antipyretic: Reduction in fever

    Antispasmodic: Reducing muscle spasms

    Aromabath: A type of bath using herbs and essential oils to induce relaxation and relieve stress. Similar to a herbal body wrap.

    Aromatherapy: using scents for therapeutic purpose.

    Astringent: Agent which causes local vasoconstiction and closing of pores

    Autochemotherapy: a method by which blood is removed from the patient’s body, mixed with ozone/oxygen, and returned to the body via intravenous drip.

    Balneotherapy: using a bath for therapeutic purpose.

    Brine Baths: A therapeutic spa treatment where the client relaxes in a sea water or salt water bath.

    Brossage: polish skin treatment that uses a series of brushes and salicylic salt to exfoliate and brighten the skin.

    Brush and Tone Skin Treatment: exfoliating skin treatment that uses dry brushes to remove layers of dead skin cells and to improve circulation. It is often used to prepare the client for a mud or seaweed body masque.

    Cathiodermie Skin Treatment: A skin treatment that uses a low electrical current to revitalize and oxygenate the skin, as well as providing a deep cleansing.

    Club Spa: a facility that provides fitness activities and offers a variety of spa services on a day-use basis.

    Colonics: washing out the colon 10-20 times over 45-60 minutes.

    Compression Body Wrap: a body wrap technique used on selected parts of the client's body to remove cellulite and fatty deposits.

    Conduction: Heat is transferred by direct contact of one heated object to another.

    Consensual Reaction: a reflex reaction occurring on the opposite side of the body from the point of stimulation.

    Consensual Reaction: A reflex reaction occurring on the opposite side of the body from the point of stimulation

    Contrast Bath: The immersion of a body part alternately in hot and cold water in one treatment

    Convection: the transference of heat by moving currents of heated liquids of gasses as in a sauna to increase body temperature.

    Conversion: Heat is generated by passing energy through the tissue or substance as in heatint of body tissues by ultrasound

    Crenotherapy (Crounotherapy): a generic term for a variety of spa treatments that use water, mud, and vapor.

    Cruise Ship Spa: a facility aboard a cruise liner that provides spa services and cuisine, along with fitness and wellness elements.

    Cryotherapy: using a cold for therapeutic purpose.

    Day Spa: a facility that offers spa services on a day-use basis.

    Depravation Room: totally soundproof room with a water bed and sometimes music, the room is usually not more than a size of a bed and not more than 2-3 tall.

    Derivative Effect: Transfer of fluid from one part of the body to another; warming the feet to draw congestion from the head: Pulling the blood or lymph out of one area of the body by increasing the amount of blood in another.

    Desquamation: the shedding of epithelial tissue; mainly the skin as in exfoliation.

    Destination Spa: a facility that offers on-site accommodations, spa services, fitness and wellness elements, and spa cuisine to introduce to its clients a lifestyle and health improvement.

    Diaphoretic: the increase of sweating.

    Diuretic: Increases urine production

    Douche: a stream of water directed at the body or into a body cavity

    Dulse Scrub Skin Treatment: A gentle skin treatment technique in which the client's body is rubbed with a mixture of powdered dulse seaweed and oil or water. This exfoliating skin treatment removes layers of dead skin cells, provides minerals and vitamins to the skin.

    Ecchymosis: Discoloration of the skin due to hemorrhage

    Effusion: Collection or pooling of fluids in the joint capsule

    Elastin: is what holds and maintains the shape of the soft tissue and skin, but it becomes increasingly inhibited with toxic accumulation. As already discussed, fat acts as a sponge for storing toxins.

    Eliminative: Dissolves foreign elements in the blood, colon, and interstitial spaces of the body

    Emetic: Ejecting poisons from the body by drinking warm water or salt water

    Endermatherapy: reduction of cellulite for therapeutic purpose.

    Erythema: Description of color of the skin indicating a red appearance

    Esalen Massage: a gentle massage therapy technique that uses long, stroking movements.

    Exfoliation: a treatment that the primary purpose is to rid dead skin cells from the body; from the Latin word exfoliates, which means 'to remove leaves'. The method of using a brush or using salt that is dipped in water and smeared on the body.

    Fango with Algae: A 40-minute treatment using fango mixed with marine algae. Reduces inflammation, re-mineralises, nourishes with vitamins, stimulates body circulation, helps treat sleeplessness, prevents joint disorders, such as arthritis and rheumatism and produces a deep state of relaxation.

    Fango-Algae Cataplasm: A treatment applied to targeted areas of the body in accordance with a therapist's diagnosis. Helps to reduce inflammation and used to treat painful conditions and soreness caused by a variety of diseases.

    Fango Skin Treatment: type of spa mud treatment where mud is applied to the entire body. The Fango skin treatment--which means mud in Italian--cleanses, detoxifies, nourishes, and soothes the client's skin. This type of spa skin treatment has also been known to help relieve muscular and arthritic pain.

    Finnish Sauna: This sauna treatment is the traditional kind on which the modern saunas in most health clubs, gyms, and spas today are based upon. In a Finnish sauna, a fire (preferably using birch wood) heats a pile of stones until they are red hot. Water is then thrown on the stones to create steam. The client is then gently beaten with leafy birch twigs to stimulate circulation. The heat of the sauna helps to cleanse the client's body through perspiration.

    Four Hand Massage: involves two therapists working on one client, with both therapists having the same rhythm, technique and pressure.

    Fomentation: Local applications of moist heat to the body surface, usually made of wool and cotton to retain heat and moisture

    Flotation Tank: filled with approximately a foot of water, mixed with Epsom salts, at roughly the same temperature as the client's body. You float in this dark tank to promote relaxation.

    Geotherapy: using rocks for therapeutic purpose.

    Gommage: cleansing and re-hydrating treatment through the use of creams, which are applied in long, massage-type movements.

    Haysack Wrap: Body detoxification treatment through the use of steamed hay.

    Heliotherapy: using sun for therapeutic purpose.

    Herbal Body Wrap: a body-wrap skin treatment used to relax muscles, soothe soreness and soften skin. The client is wrapped in cloths previously soaked in aromatic herbs and hot water.

    Hunting Reaction: Sudden reddening and warming of cooled skin areas; body's mechanism to avoid tissue damage

    Hydrostatic Effect: The shifting of fluid from one part of the body to another

    Hydrotherapy: the use of water for therapeutic purpose.

    Hydrotub: A large tub containing high-powered jets and hand-manipulated hoses intended to perform underwater massage.

    Hyperemia: Increase in quantity of blood flowing through the body or part of the body characterized by heat, redness: Vasodilation

    Hypothermia: Extreme reduction in body temperature

    Hypoxia: Diminished oxygen supply usually due to poor circulation

    Infrared Spa Treatment: a spa heat treatment used to relax the client's muscles and improve circulation.

    Ischemia: Diminished or lack of circulation in an area

    Kneipp Cures: treatments combining hydrotherapy, herbology, and a diet of natural foods.

    Lomi-Lomi: a type of rhythmical, rocking massage originating in Hawaii.

    Loofah Scrub: a full body scrub with a loofah sponge and sea salt usually mixed with a warm oil (Avocado or almond). Its purpose is to exfoliate the skin and to stimulate circulation.

    Loutrotherapy: is the knowledge of artificial carbonated baths, and their scientific application, as the Nauheim baths, their preparation and administration, etc., the diseased conditions in which they are indicated, the duration of the bath, and the necessity for a course of graduated baths.

    Lymph Drainage: a big treatment in most spas, some therapist really push the fact along with body wraps it temporarily alters the state of cellulite. It involves gentle and pulsating pressure or massage of specific areas of the body located around the lymph nodes and toward the heart.

    Medical Hydrology: is the comprehensive designation of the whole science, which treats of the several factors comprising the medicinal use of water in all its solutions.

    Mineral Springs Spa: a facility that provides on-site natural mineral, thermal, or seawater used in hydrotherapy treatments like baths.

    Moor Mud Therapy/Treatment: A skin treatment that uses a moor mud mixture to hydrate and exfoliate the client's skin.

    Moor/Peat Baths: A bath treatment using natural peat. Peat is rich in proteins, organic matter, vitamins, and minerals, and when applied helps to ease the client's aches and pains.

    Mud Treatment: a spa skin treatment that uses mud high in minerals to remove toxins from the client's body, as well as loosen muscles and improve circulation.

    Panthermal: A spa technique that requires the client lie in a metal tube, with his or her head outside of the tube. Into the tube is piped hot, dry air which circulates around the client's body, causing perspiration. The air element is followed by warm, soapy jets of water from all directions. This treatment is believed to help break down cellulite. It is not recommended for people who suffer from claustrophobia.

    Parafango: a combination of mud and paraffin wax.

    Paraffin Bath: using melted paraffin (Wax) to dip body part in to build a paraffin glove to retain heat. Operating temperature 126 degrees to 130 degrees.

    Paraffin Body Wrap: a body wrap treatment using hot oil and Japanese dry brushing techniques to remove dead skin cells, followed by a wax that is applied to the entire body for the benefit of a hydrating body wrap.

    Peloids: generic term for mud.

    Pelotherapy or Fango: the therapeutic use of mud, peat moss, or clay.

    Perfector Therapy: A spa treatment that uses a low-voltage current to stimulate the muscles, regenerating cells, cleansing lymph nodes, removing toxins, and helping tone the skin and muscles.

    Peristalsis: a successive muscular contraction along the wall of a hollow muscular structure such as the movement of food through the intestine and colon.

    Polish: a skin treatment using gentle, large sea sponges to cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and soften the skin.

    Poultice: aimed at relieving pain, swelling or irritation. The plant or herb itself is applied directly to the affected area, and then a cloth is wrapped over and around the plant or herb.

    Phytotherapy: using Herbs, Plant oils or Extracts for therapeutic purpose.

    Poultice: Plant or herb compress aimed at relieving pain, swelling or irritation. The plant or herb itself is applied directly to the affected area, and then a cloth is wrapped over and around the plant or herb.

    Pressotherapy: a spa treatment using pressure cuffs that improves circulation of blood in the feet.

    Purgative: Causing vomiting or bowel evacuation

    Revulsive Effect: Increasing the rate of blood flow by alternate use of heat and cold

    Roman Bath: A type of bath that originally consisted of hot, warm, and cold pools, the term now usually applies to a hot tub or Jacuzzi with benches that can accommodate one or more people.

    Russian Bath: a body steam given with the patient reclining and head outside the steam room or cabinet.

    Saline Bath: a salt baths.

    Salt Glow Skin Treatment: a skin treatment used to clean pores, remove dead skin cells, and improve circulation; it begins with a brisk rub with a mixture of coarse salt, essential oils, and water. A gentle shower and body moisturizer that leaves the skin soft and glowing follows the rub.

    Sauna: a dry heat, which increases body temperature and increases perspiration. May put strain on nasal passages, throat and lungs.

    Scotch Hose: high-powered water spray using hot or cold seawater or freshwater. An excellent invigorating, energizing and cleansing treatment.

    Sedative: Causes central nervous system to decrease the responses of nerve stimulii for relaxation

    Shampoo: using soap and water together on one or all parts of the body.

    Shower: the use of water streams directed at the body to stimulate. Examples are dousing, jet, fan and alternate hot / cold.

    Siliceous Thermal Body Wrap: A type of bath/body wrap that uses silica or hot sand.

    Sitz Bath: A type of bath that uses a tub shaped like a chair. The client sits in the bath, with his or her legs and hips covered in hot water. Cold water is then added, and the feet are soaked in alternating containers of hot and cold water. This treatment is believed to stimulate the immune system.

    Skin Brushing: an exfoliating skin treatment that uses dry brushes to remove layers of dead skin cells and to improve circulation.

    Slenisium Body Wrap: In this body wrap treatment, oils are applied to the client's skin. The client is then wrapped in cloth to help the oils eliminate toxins and excess fluids from the body.

    Spa Cuisine: normally found at resort/hotel spas and select day spas; spa cuisine consists of meals prepared with fresh, all natural, low-fat and low-cholesterol foods. It emphasizes the benefits of whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins, fruit, fish, vegetables, and avoids using foods with added salt or sodium, artificial colors and flavors and preservatives.

    Spa Full-Body Facial Massage: just like getting a spa facial massage treatment except that all the procedures normally applied during a facial are applied to your entire body.

    Spanish Mantle Pack: the client is showered, tubbed or sponged and then wrapped in a dry sheet and blankets while still wet.

    Sponging: using a sponge to apply water, alcohol, or witch hazel to the body, usually for a cooling affect.

    Sports/Adventure Spas: a facility that offers spa services like therapeutic baths and body treatments in addition to special sports or outdoor activities that can range from golf to marathon conditioning.

    Steam: water particles dispersed through the air; good for the skin and lungs. Hot seam increases body temperature and perspiration and releases toxins. Cold steam as from a humidifier moistens dry rooms in winter and can help prevent colds and sinus headaches.

    Steam Room: Area of wet, hot steam; promotes sweating, opening pores and ridding of toxins.

    Swedish Shampoo: shampoo given on a marble slab using soap and skin brushing, usually washing and rinsing one part at a time and drying briskly.

    Swiss Shower: powerful water jets aimed at different parts of the body to create an invigorating massage.

    Thalassotherapy: using seaweed for therapeutic purpose.

    Thalassotherapy Massage: A massage technique that uses seaweed oil.

    Thermaltherapy: using heat for therapeutic purpose.

    Thermophore: moist heat pack; heating unit wrapped in flannel, which absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.

    Tonic: Increases vigor; return of cellular activity to normal state

    Toxins: is the accumulation is due to age, illness, medications, stress, improper diet, smoking, drinking, lack of exercise and weight loss (Which, due to fat breakdown, is very toxic). In women, these fluids accumulate from the waist to the knees and, in men, from the abdomen up through the face and throat. When the skin and kidneys become overloaded, toxins are stored in the fluid between fat cells. They are called intercellular fluids, which simply means "between the cells.” Any normal process does not remove these fluids. You cannot diet them away, exercise them away or sauna them away.

    Turkish Bath: a hot air bath (Dry sauna).

    Vichy Shower: massage treatment requires that the client lie on a waterproof, cushioned mat as water of varying temperatures is sprayed onto him or her by a number of water jets, followed by an exfoliating treatment like dulse scrub, loofah body scrub or salt glow.

    Watsu: a form of Shiatsu massage. Actually, the client hardly goes under the water but is cradled, rocked and massaged while being held in the water.

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