A Real Day Spa in Istanbul, Turkey
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  • Steam Room

    You've just returned from a long, stressful day in the office and feel drained; or perhaps you are enduring muscle pain that just won't go away. The gentle warming of the muscles through steam treatment, typically experienced using a home steam shower is increasingly found to improve your health and feeling of well-being.

    A steam room is a high humidity chamber, usually found in SPAs, health clubs and leisure facilities. The benefits of such rooms are theoretic at best, though commonly used to 'purge' skin pores of toxins, improve sinuses, and relax the user. Steam rooms are sometimes used in conjunction with a sauna, thereby permitting users to alternate between a dry and wet heat.

    In fact, steam benefits as associated with a steam room or steam shower have been known for thousands of years, where wet heat opens the pores of your skin to aid body detoxification. The only detoxification program that has proven successful in removing fat-stored toxins from the body is hyperthermia, or heat stress detoxification.

    Heat stress can also remove calcium deposits from the blood vessels and break down scar tissue from their walls. Hyperthermia can also remove chemicals such as DDE (a metabolite of DDT), PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), and dioxin from fat cells. Hyperthermia or heat stress detoxification can have a beneficial effect on numerous body systems, including the cardiovascular, endocrine, neurological, neuromuscular, bronchopulmonary (lungs), blood, skin, and immune.

    • rejuvenating, deep cleansing - hydrating the skin,
    • boosting your immune system and promoting antibody production,
    • relieving the discomfort of asthma, allergies and arthritis,
    • enhancing the respiratory system,
    • helping eliminate toxins,
    • reducing stress and the appearance of wrinkles,
    • relaxing and soothing mind & body,
    • relieving stress & relaxing muscles,
    • relieving throat irritation by moistening the air,
    • relaxing muscles and relieving coughing,
    • increasing body metabolism,
    • relieving inflammation and congestion of upper respiratory mucous membranes,
    • loosening secretions and stimulating the discharge of mucous from the throat and lungs (natural expectorant),
    • keeping mucous membranes from excessive drying,
    • helping in the treatment of cancer,
    • helping fight against HIV,
    • aiding against cellulite.

    A Real Day Spa in Istanbul, Turkey
    Bagdat Caddesi, 374/6 Suadiye, Kadikoy / Istanbul, Turkey
    Call Center: +90 (216) 411 12 63