A Real Day Spa in Istanbul, Turkey
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  • Reflexology
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    Call us:
    +90 (216) 411 12 63

    Bagdat Caddesi, 374/6
    Kadikoy Istanbul Turkey

  • Why EsteSpa?

    EsteSpa Day Spa is designed to cater to our guests “needs” while providing a “total experience” with excellent customer service. Our dedicated, fully trained staff are committed to providing superior service in our beautiful Spa environment.

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  • Easy transport, we are on the most central point of Istanbul: Bagdat Avunue
  • Original design make you feel peace and calmness
  • You will really feel special like a king or queen...
  • We are providing the same excellent sirvice quality for all our quests
  • Our professional and fully trained staff are committed to providing superior service
  • Experienced masseurs and masseuses will serve you for Far East massages and Reflexology
  • We use natural and certified organic Florame Aromatheraphy products n all our treatments.
  • You can trust us that we care for your health
  • We always develop our services for our gests “needs” to provide a “total experience” with excellent customer service
  • You get the highest-quality SPA services for the lowest discount price.
  • We offer couples treatments, bridal services or honeymoon, anniversary, or romantic escape packages.

    Ethics for Massage Therapy

  • Provide the highest level of quality care to any one that seeks your professional help.
  • Accept all clients without discrimination.
  • Respect the confidentiality of your client.
  • Practice only the techniques and modalities in which you have been professionally trained and certified.
  • In no way participate, engage, or suggest any type of sexual activity with your client.
  • Maintain a safe, clean and professional environment for clients at all times.
  • Do not publish sexually suggestive language or photographs in marketing, advertisements, or websites.
  • Dress in appropriate and professional attire. Do not dress in short shorts, short skirts, without a shirt or top, or dress in any manner that is sexually suggestive.
  • Make sure that your client is always properly draped with minimal exposure to the client and in a manner that protects client modesty.
  • Refrain from using profanity or crude language either with or to your patients or in marketing, advertisements, or websites.
  • Maintain standard professional boundaries with your clients in accordance with the requirements defined by the legal system relative to client abuse, whether financial, sexual, or psychological.
  • Be observant of, and obedient to, the ordinances and laws of the state in which you practice as they pertain to massage therapy specifically, and health care in general.
  • In no way associate with, be affiliated with, work for, own, or be a partner in any massage facility, parlor, adult establishment, escort service, or activity that is deemed to be illicit, immoral, or illegal, whether or not this activity has resulted in criminal conviction.
  • Follow all policies, procedures, guidelines, regulations, codes, and requirements promulgated by the Government and Medical Associations.

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  • A Real Day Spa in Istanbul, Turkey
    Bagdat Caddesi, 374/6 Suadiye, Kadikoy / Istanbul, Turkey
    Call Center: +90 (216) 411 12 63